New Needs Analysis Beta Live

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On research subscribers can now quickly pull together all the data required to make compliant recommendations really fast. Our aim was to build the simplest possible needs analysis that really works. 

Whether you prefer a statement of advice or record of advice approach, no one makes it as easy as we do to capture client needs and objectives, basic financial information, set scope limits for the engagement, and provide two alternative ways to calculate and capture requirements to suit your advice process.

Speed and simplicity are the aim, not complexity or very broad scope. So if you are a technical specialist with a current needs analysis approach you will probably choose to give ours a miss. That's fine. But if you are yet to move to a system-based needs tool, or you sometimes prefer a no-advice sale because needs analysis is too time consuming and difficult in your current system, then you should take a good look at ours. The intention is to make it fast and effective enough that you can use it every time. 

To start using it, start crunching on Quotemonster. When you have entered the client details in step one you can then click on 'Needs Crunching' and work through scope, objectives, financial details, and needs analysis. There are two alternatives for the calculations - use our calculations (there is flexibility to change the base assumptions) or simply use a form to record your own calculations and rationale. 

When you finish the analysis push one button and all your recommended covers and values immediately appear in your quote. Another couple of ticks and you have added product research and underwriting requirements to the report.

That means you can gather the data for a comprehensive recommendation in minutes, including: Price comparison, product comparison, head-to-head page, underwriting requirements, client risk report, and now, needs analysis for your clients. Its free for research subscribers for the next few months. If you are not a research subscriber call Alan or Kelly for a special deal on getting access.

The tool is in Beta, which means we are still planning several revisions and rely on getting your feedback in order to help shape those changes. So we would like you to complete a needs analysis and let the Quotemonster team know. 

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